mondays now mean harry, westley and i sit around and wait for inspiration for something to do, somewhere to go or something to play...
they are low key, relatively calm and we have yet to have a crying episode.
life is pretty good.



my poor little family has been sick as of late... all four of us.
it started out as a tickle in my throat and has evolved into full on fever for harry and a crippling head cold for mama.
not only does it suck to be sick, but i am really starting to go stir crazy. being stuck at the house for multiple days in a row is horrible.
so, hopefully in the very near future we will be healthy, happy and get out of this place.


right now i am:

-thankful for a double stroller so that getting out of the house is actually possible.

-having body image issues. i just feel gross.

-loving sunshine and summer-like weather.

-happy that the house is pretty quiet.

-pretending that i am not hungry so that i don't have to get up.

-loving my amazing husband who has come home early everyday and is taking friday off.


i love these boys

i am really trying to get life back together....
today is my first day without anyone else here. this should be interesting. thank god for nick jr.