cave dwelling

excuse my absence.

when i don't feel well, i tend to retreat into my own little world and keep everything and everyone else out. {picture the Marshwiggle (hermit) from the original bbc Silver Chair.}
fortunately at my last midwife appointment we came to the conclusion i need to try a new medication. (i have been on anti-nauseau meds for all three pregnancies due to the fact that i have been diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum.) the one that i took with my two son's pregnancies doesn't seem to be doing it for me this time around, so i am currently trying a new (and ridiculously expensive.... RIDICULOUS!) medication to see if i will actually able to function. so far it seems to be working. i actually left my house this morning. that is a pretty big deal these days considering that i have been in my pajamas most days when the hubs got home. i also cooked for the first time in about a week. soo.... hopefully this will help get us back into the swing of things... or maybe i am just being super optomistic.