once upon a time

It feels like I haven't been able to catch my breath the entire 16 weeks of this pregnancy. I have only been over the awfulness that is morning sickness for a couple of weeks and we have already jumped right into full-blown house hunting and Westley has decided that sleeping through the night is not for him. Both of which are completely exhausting on their own.
I did manage, however, to find a camera and take some pictures of some things we did as a family this past weekend. The mister took Friday off and we spent the day lounging and loving on our kiddos. Harry started his morning by reading a few books to some of his closest friends - his dinnos. Of course, no summer day off would be complete without frozen yogurt!

Saturday was similar, but we ended the night with a few hours at a hanging out at a local brewery where kids and adults are welcomed to sit outside, listen to the music and buy a hot dog or two from a local vendor. The bartender was even thoughtful enough to provide a sprinkler for the little ones. We will definitely go back again before the summer ends.



blog much?


i am really going to back to this.... just as soon as i can find my camera, charge it, take pictures, delete most of those pictures, find one that is reasonably acceptable, and upload it.

miss you.