don't tease me...

it's finally fall. i'm ready for the weather to be MUCH cooler than it has been.

i was pretty sure that i was over the grossness that pregnancy brings... then yesterday turned into a really nasty day.
i cooked a roast for dinner, but the smell of the meat cooking made me sick. whitney and i took harry to target to get some groceries, but that turned into a bad idea too. my sense of smell was accosted by the smell of popcorn and deli meats. needless to say, i didn't get the groceries. what i did get was extremely nauseous. after leaving i had to pull over and um... basically puke my guts out. awesome. whitney stayed in the car with harry. apparently he just kept saying "uh oh".



i get really tempted to just give up when things don't go as i think they should. generally that applies to EVERYTHING in my life...including this blog.
i get frustrated, or apathetic, or just lazy and don't keep things up. (you can use my house as a prime example). i am trying really hard not to let my entire life be completely taken over by this temptation. it's hard not to.
so... after a LONG delay... i'm getting back into the swing of things.

The past few weeks have been really rough at the house (and not at the house).

harrison is really fighting sleeping in his own room with everything he has. the latest routine we have been able to put together is as follows:
-stephen takes him to his room around 8:30 and gets PJ's on and teeth brushed
-they read books, pray and hang out for about 1/2 hour
-harry falls asleep with stephen right next to him
this seemed to be working... he was sleeping longer and later in his room. after all of the traveling we did this summer, though, he has only been sleeping for about 4 hours before waking up screaming. one of us gets up, goes to his room, tries to calm him down, but ultimately he ends up in our room sometime between 1 and 3 am. the bed is running out of space at an alarming rate.
we are getting him a different bed and mattress, and deep down i am praying that it is just a comfort issue. (*seriously, he is sleeping in the same bed that stephen did at that age...)
i can't sleep in that bed, so i am assuming that he can't get comfortable there either.

we just got back from visiting my grandma in new york... what was supposed to be a calm week at her house, turned into my mother and i completely cleaning her entire first floor. we vacuumed, steam cleaned, dusted, febreezed and washed all dirt (visible and not) away.

she was wonderful and played with harry while we worked away. (don't you love that he is pulling a wagon with a dog in it??? me too)

in other news, the lack of sleep and general feeling of being in a constant state of tiredness leaves much to be desired in the motivation area. housework in my own house has quickly declined, and i was beginning to believe that i was never going to see my floor again.

then my wonderful, little sister came to rescue and spent the entire afternoon yesterday at my house getting things together. we put all of the old toys up in storage for little squirt. the current toys are now in the chest when you first walk in the house. no more piles of plastic everywhere... lovely. laundry got put away, harry's room got straightened, my dishes are all up, and i am finally feeling slightly less stressed. about two months ago my vacuum also decided to take a permanent vacation, so that has not helped the constant state of uggg (mess). so i also grew up a tiny bit and bought a new one yesterday. it's pretty and blue and works!!!

stephen is still working on what used to be the mudroom and is quickly turning into my own little piece of heaven... until it is finished, though, i just can't seem to make myself do anything even close to creative. (again with the lack of motivation)... i did get some lovely sewing books for my birthday, so i am really hoping that those+new fabric= new projects that i really love. i am REALLY waiting to find out whether to buy pink or blue fabric though... only 8 LONG more weeks for that! UG!

it's hard to believe we'll have another one of these around here in just a few short months....