look what i did...

 Just so you know... I did it.


 Annnnnnnd I might have gone a little overboard with the pictures above the TV... but I like it!
I am in love with so many of the prints that we have been collecting for the past year or so, that I couldn't pick just a few. I added some family pictures and the word "PRAY". It's so nice to look around and actually like what I see.

My darling boy

I loved you from the moment I saw you. You were so small, and now you are so big. You completed our family. Happy birthday, Westley.


"happy birthday, way way!"

That is what Harry has been yelling almost non-stop since this weekend. It's kinda adorable. That being said, here are some pretty pictures of the big boy's big day. *note: this weekend we just had the party. His big day is next week.

Thanks to everyone who could make it for sharing in our lovely day.


worth a shot

I have become mildly obsessed with THIS BAG. Fossil just has a way with pretty things. You agree, yes?
I already have the smaller version of the bag and love it soooooo much! (thanks, mom) Therefore, I can't really justify buying a bigger version with a bigger price tag... This leads me to this week's project. I am attempting to make this bag. Insane, right? I know. It will obviously not be laminated canvas with lovely birds and flowers and such.
It might turn out to be a huge mistake that ruins my confidence in my sewing skillz, or it might be a huge success and give me a bit of a big head for a while... Whatever the case, it's worth a shot. Wish me luck!


quick hello

We are getting ready to hit the road to head back down the mountain for a certain chunky monkey's birthday party tomorrow. Coincidentally, Sunday is my mom's birthday and almost all of my siblings will be in town to celebrate. The weather couldn't be lovelier, and I am soooo stinkin' excited about this weekend.
I hope yours is amazing, too. Any special plans for the pretty weather and sunshine?



- have pink sparkle nail polish. i blame katy perry.
- in desperate need to buy some new toms. all of mine have holes in them and it's getting ridiculous.
- have cloth diapers hanging on the backs of all of my kitchen chairs.... they have to get dry somehow....
- don't understand why DORA has to yell all of the time!
- have read at least one Little Critter book everyday this week. (most days it has been several)
- seriously need to get the big kid using the potty. this is just dumb.
- am battling a serious addiction to starbucks.
- am completely draining my brain of any and all possible ideas to put the last little bits of this tub o' love's   first birthday party together


quick to listen, quick to assume the worst

"For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness."
                                 -Audrey Hepburn

It happens all too often... we are having an amazing day. Everything is lovely. And then, something happens. It doesn't have to be anything big... but just something... and I open my big, fat mouth. Ugh.
Why is my first reaction to either be offended or frustrated? Why can't I slow down and think about what I am going to say? It would save so many days from going bad, so many good times from being interrupted. But no. I have to say something mean or react too quickly without knowing all of the facts. That's what happened today. We were having an amazing weekend. Last night we had a great date night, this morning I got to have a few hours to relax. We had a great afternoon all together. Then Stephen asked me a question and I overreacted and got upset. (oh, to have a rewind button!)

I really don't want to be that person. I want the words that I speak to be uplifting, pure, true and wise. I want my kids and husband to know that my initial reaction won't be one that they have to fear. I know what that is like, and I don't want that for my own family. But the mouth is one of the most difficult things in the world to control. It's the hardest battle that I fight each and every day.... and most days I lose and badly. It's pretty embarrassing. So, for all of the things that have come out of my mouth that shouldn't have: for all of the mean little jabs, the overreactions and unnecessarily raised voice, I am so sorry.


happy friday

we have really fallen in love with the avett brothers over the past year or so. their music is magical.
here is one of my favorites.



and.... more rain

Weeks like this one make me step back and really thank God that I have an amazingly supportive husband.
For the most part I handle the boys with no real issues. But when we've had several draining days in a row, one huge failed project, the garage door breaks, both kids end up in our bed.... EVERY night....
(you get the point)... things just get so exhausting so much quicker than normal.

So, I wanted to step back and thank my amazing husband for letting me have a girl date, going shopping with me, bathing both kids, working soooo very hard so that I can actually be home with these very complicated fellas and loving us as much as he does.

Steve, you're the best. I love you.


rainy wednesday

Today has been one of those terrible days that makes me cringe at any loud noise and at least one eye twitch at all times. It has been raining all day, both boys have been all kinds of needy, the dog has been whiny and any and all ideas that I might have come up with to make today better have been completely and totally shoved back in my face.

Fortunately, it is Wednesday, and that means that the week is more than half over. Hooray.

To cheer myself up a bit, I did order this print off of Etsy. I absolutely love this shop, and my growing collection of these lovely works is hanging above the tv (so we can be SURE to see them often, HA!)

What do you do when you are having one of "those" weeks and can't seem to get it together?


get your knee pads

   There are very few times when I am at home with all three boys that I actually get some time to myself. Most of those times involve a locked door, a bathtub full of steaming hot water, a magazine and something hot to drink. Last night, however, I found myself treasuring the hour I spent on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. Laugh if you want, but don't knock it until you have tried it. Few things in life are as good for the soul as taking out everything on the gross tile covered kitchen. It's like free therapy and you get a squeaky clean floor as a bonus.

   For the 60 minutes that I was scrubbing away that days lunch of bananas and dinner of veggie stew, I could think about anything I wanted. I had zero guilt because I was actually doing something quite important and I felt so stinkin' good by the time I was done that I was actually tempted to tackle the living room as well. (I didn't)

  My small piece of advice for the day: give yourself a good hour and scrub a floor on your hands and knees. You will thank me later when all of your stress and negative thoughts have worked their way right out with all of the grime.
*Mrs. Meyers all purpose cleaner is amazing and definitely worth the extra dough if you're going to be up close and personal with your bucket of cleaner for that long. My favorite is the lemon verbena


who me?

My house is a mess (again), the kid's haven't eaten lunch yet, the dog hasn't been walked, the bed is unmade, the dishes aren't done.... and I can't figure out where in the world the morning has gone. It's 2:45 and I am pretty sure that my only accomplishment for the day has been getting dressed so that I could go get Harry from preschool. Life: 1 Truly: 0


best deals in town

It is no secret that I am pretty much always looking for an amazing deal (especially when it comes to stuff for thing one and thing two). Some of my favorite steals deals have turned out being stuff that I was definitely not even looking for.
There is a fabric store about a mile down the road that I like to visit once in a while, and on occasion will wander through their adjoining decorator's weight fabric. About 2 months ago they had a table up of some pretty things that were marked down to $3 a yard.... You can imagine my amazement when I found some beautiful things waiting for me. I snatched them up. For around 15 dollars I made my way home with some lovelies.

Fast forward to this morning when I saw this post and recognized the window seat fabric. Yup. Then I got curios and did a little googling (it's a word!) This is what I found. Basically I scored the fabric deal of a lifetime. I love little happy surprises....

In case you were wondering, I plan on saving the fabric for the next house and using it in the boys' room.