to do list

     This is going to be a very busy week around here.
We finally moved West's crib into Harry's room and have the guest room back. It was getting kind of ridiculous when people came to visit. They either had to bunk with our temperamental toddler or he slept in our room... and he is not a fun bed-mate.
     So, I now have a disaster zone in the guest room. It is a mixture of all of the things that the boys have grown out of, extra books and toys that don't currently fit into their newly shared space, all of my sewing and craft stuff, the changing table, and of course the guest bed. Somehow this space needs to be functional by the end of the week when my mom is coming to visit.
     I did manage to get all of the boys' things into the small room in an organized way. It isn't the prettiest room in the world, but it will do. The plan is to make a dino room for them in the next house, so I will have my eyes open for some awesome bedding and art. I will try to get some pictures of their shared room up soon. It's kinda adorable to have them both go in their together at night.
PS I am turning 26 this Wednesday. Goodbye early twenties.


a little trip

     Last week we took a little vacation. It was the first time we have really gone anywhere with just our family of four, and it was lovely. We visited Charleston, SC for a couple of days and went on to visit my family in Raleigh/Durham. We aren't quite brave enough to take our little ones on a full week's vacation alone. The three days we had were just enough for everyone. We did manage to do everything that we had wanted to: the aquarium, beach, downtown Charleston, a brewery, and even managed to go to the children's museum in Durham.
     I was glad to get away and very glad to see my family, but it's nice being back at home now. I have even managed to get some things done these past two days.


no place like home

     We have gotten really good at hanging out at home during the day. The boys have really started playing well together, I am actually getting things accomplished, dinners are actually cooked as opposed to picked up, and my to do list is more than just "survive".

     There are still so many little things that can (and often do) put a little cramp in our day- biting, potty accidents, things breaking, and toddlers telling me "no way"- that when we have a great day, it really makes everything else seem unimportant.

     We have had a couple really good days this week, and it's pretty much got me excited to actually create and accomplish more than just housework. I am currently putting together a to-do list of things to get ready before the baby comes (just 21 more weeks). I am hoping that some sewing and painting will actually find a way onto my done list... but I will take almost whatever I can get.

     I think that seeing this little one and knowing what our slightly less little family is going to look like in a short time is changing my mood, outlook, and overall emotional state. I am really getting so excited about another baby being in our home and our lives.


an announcement

It looks like there is going to be a lot of little league, dirt, bugs and blood in my future for a VERY long time....

Baby # 3 is most definitely a BOY.



Here are some things (big and small) that I have noticed lately:

1. West's feet are so ridiculously fat that I will soon have to buy him a pair of Crocs due to the fact that all of the cute shoes that I bought don't even come close to fitting his little sausage toes.

2. If I read one more dinosaur book, I. WILL. SCREAM.

3. Library movies are more often scratched and unwatchable than not.

4. Ice cream can fix most things. Not everything, but most.

5. I am ready to find a house. I almost don't care what or where it is. I am losing any desire to be picky.

6. My dog smells like sweat. I didn't think dogs could sweat. She is an anomaly.

7. Red hair on little kids attracts sooooo much unwanted attention. Someone actually told me that in 50 years red-heads will be extinct. I wanted to punch him.

8. There are currently 6 puzzles spread across my living room. I don't care. The kids can pick them up... or Steve can make them clean them up when he gets home. My battles have all been fought today.

9. Harry is potty trained... kinda. He refuses to go anywhere but his training potty. This makes traveling such a terrible thing.


pre-baby blues

    I don't think I have ever actually heard the term "prenatal depression". Obviously postpartum depression is a very real and very serious thing. I didn't know that people actually struggled with depression while pregnant, though. I just assumed that everyone (whether they loved pregnancy itself or not) was just going to be happy and full of joy at the very thought of the new baby growing inside.
     That is, until this pregnancy. I don't think it's the pregnancy itself - granted the ridiculous hormonal imbalance can't help things. I think that the past 9 months has been a season of intense hardships. We moved away from my family, my husband has been working hard at a job that has changed frequently, we have found some friends (but don't have the same feeling of community we once felt), and being all alone with two little children that are quite demanding doesn't help. I had a handful of close friends whom I could call if I needed to get out of the house or needed someone to talk to while our kids played. I haven't found that here. My husband thinks that it is because I haven't worked hard enough at it. His solution is to join a MOPS group. As an extreme introvert, the thought of joining almost any kind of group like that causes me to throw up in my mouth a little.
There are some young families in our church, but nothing has seemed to work out.
    I definitely assumed that we would feel more settled by now. Nope. This accumulation of "stuff" that has been constantly circling my head has left me dry. My poor kids are probably suffering the most through all of this, though. These "low points" leave me exhausted and irritable to say the least. I make an effort to get them out of the house and around other kids at least 2 times a week, but I don't think that will cut it for long.
I am not completely sure what the next step is to deal with my current state. I will talk to my midwives, make a real effort to exercise, and get out of the house to do something with the kids as much as I can.