to do list

     This is going to be a very busy week around here.
We finally moved West's crib into Harry's room and have the guest room back. It was getting kind of ridiculous when people came to visit. They either had to bunk with our temperamental toddler or he slept in our room... and he is not a fun bed-mate.
     So, I now have a disaster zone in the guest room. It is a mixture of all of the things that the boys have grown out of, extra books and toys that don't currently fit into their newly shared space, all of my sewing and craft stuff, the changing table, and of course the guest bed. Somehow this space needs to be functional by the end of the week when my mom is coming to visit.
     I did manage to get all of the boys' things into the small room in an organized way. It isn't the prettiest room in the world, but it will do. The plan is to make a dino room for them in the next house, so I will have my eyes open for some awesome bedding and art. I will try to get some pictures of their shared room up soon. It's kinda adorable to have them both go in their together at night.
PS I am turning 26 this Wednesday. Goodbye early twenties.

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christalena said...

Happy late birthday! Were you able to get everything ready for your mom? The great thing about moms is that they really don't care that much as long as they have a place to sleep and get to see their grandbabies. I hope that you guys have a great weekend with your mom!