Here are some things (big and small) that I have noticed lately:

1. West's feet are so ridiculously fat that I will soon have to buy him a pair of Crocs due to the fact that all of the cute shoes that I bought don't even come close to fitting his little sausage toes.

2. If I read one more dinosaur book, I. WILL. SCREAM.

3. Library movies are more often scratched and unwatchable than not.

4. Ice cream can fix most things. Not everything, but most.

5. I am ready to find a house. I almost don't care what or where it is. I am losing any desire to be picky.

6. My dog smells like sweat. I didn't think dogs could sweat. She is an anomaly.

7. Red hair on little kids attracts sooooo much unwanted attention. Someone actually told me that in 50 years red-heads will be extinct. I wanted to punch him.

8. There are currently 6 puzzles spread across my living room. I don't care. The kids can pick them up... or Steve can make them clean them up when he gets home. My battles have all been fought today.

9. Harry is potty trained... kinda. He refuses to go anywhere but his training potty. This makes traveling such a terrible thing.

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Colin and Holly said...

I really miss you... please come back?... :)