weekends and wishlists

We had a wonderful holiday weekend spending all of it with my husband's lovely family.
There were more babies than a day care and very little quiet to be found, but it was wonderful none-the-less.
We left mid-morning have had the majority of the day at home to relax and recuperate. We will have a few days here and then head back on the road for a wonderful wedding weekend. I feel like the entire month will be spent living out of suitcases, but completely worth while.

I have had several people ask what is on the holiday wish list this year....
so I thought I would provide some pretty eye candy and "perfect" gifts while I mull over my list....

This amazing bag comes with an unbelievable price tag... but yellow is just dreamy. And the best part? It looks nothing like a diaper bag. I would carry this thing 24/7. Ugh. Petunia Pickle Bottom... you outdid yourself.
This comforter is that which dreams are made of.... oh, Anthropologie, how you amaze me.
Equally out of reach in the wallet department, but no less worth pining for. Right?
I will continue to think over realistic Christmas presents. We are going to get our tree one night this week. I am SUPER excited.
 This picture was taken last Christmas right after opening presents... I can't believe how tiny this kid looks... or the fact that there are TWO of them this year!
Christmas is getting better and better every year!



i am super tempted to get this as a Christmas present for myself!

PS i got harry's present already I am REALLLLLLY excited. here is a hint "yeee haw!"


a joke

Harry: knock knock.
Me: who's there?
Harry: banana
Me: banana who?
Harry: knock knock.
Me: who's there?
Harry: banana
Me: banana who?
Harry: knock knock
Me: who's there?
Harry: orange.
Me: orange who?
Harry: orange you glad I didn't say banana?
wow. he's such a ham.


gray and drizzly

This week has started as cold and rainy in the mountains....
but the coziness of my little house has inspired some happiness. I've been baking and cooking up a storm. Everything from yummy chili to an apple pie. If I wasn't currently out of milk and eggs I would be making either tapioca or rice pudding right now instead of typing.
I have been making some baby food for the chunky kid, too. I made applesauce, sweet potatoes and a yogurt/fruit mix. Later I am hoping to get some pureed bananas made, as well. I have really enjoyed cooking here. It must be the extra time I seem to have on my hands lately....

I also think that I might NEED these salt and pepper shakers! Aren't they amazing???


hello, hello

Here are some of the pictures from our lovely week and weekend!
Stephen had Thursday off and took off Friday to spend with us. We played in the yard. Harry helped his daddy do some lawn work while I worked on getting some things in the house put together. It is starting to feel more like home (more on that later).
We spent the majority of Friday in downtown eating yummy chocolate from Chocolate Fetish, wandering around cute little shops and side streets. I got my hair cut (FINALLY). We had some AMAZING shrimp at a cute little pub but I can't remember the name of it now!
The day ended playing around in a tiny little city park listening to a drum circle and watching high schoolers with a hacky sack. (Harry liked it...)

Saturday and Sunday were so nice and low key! Stephen went to the Appalachian State game, while the boys and I went looking for a pull out couch (our future guest accommodations). We didn't find one... oh well.
By the time Stephen got home we were all pretty beat.
Sunday we went to Asheville again to visit a church. We were super surprised to see some friends from some time ago sitting across the aisle. They were visiting some other friends that weekend and had no idea we had moved...
small world.

It was such a nice weekend. We are all relaxed and rested and ready to tackle a new week of cleaning, laundry, work, projects, playing super hard and naps.

How did you spend your weekend?


dead battery

I have lost my poor battery charger. Sooo... any and all pictures that I had to put up this  week will just have to wait.
I am working on some pretty things for the holidays. Harry has been a pirate all day. Westley is sleeping by himself for the first time in about a week. (poor stuffed up kid)

I forgot to mention this cutie the other day. I love it.
Now to find some polaroid film!!!!


a week in thrifting...

This week was an AMAZING week for thrifting. I got some cute stuff for an awesome deal... so I thought I would share.
I got  TWO hand embroidered runners for the ridiculous price of $.75. That's right. i paid 75 cents for these suckers. Love! The birdies were way too cute to pass up for $.50 a piece. I got another couple of embroidery hoops.. who knows when I'll need them, right? And finally, the cute topiary was my splurge. $5.00. I know... ouch. But it was really cute and I think that it is just what the living room needs.
 So for all of $7.50, I came home with my arms full of some awesomeness. My husband laughs at me and calls them my "treasures". I am just fine with that. He just doesn't understand.


it's getting chilly

It's getting cooler outside. That means sweater, hats, scarves, mittens and all of the other fallish things that have been tucked in the corners of my closet are starting to make their fall debuts. I might also find a few additions for my wardrobe now that we are in mountain world. Some of my favorite things for fall are, of course, currently hanging on the racks at Anthropologie (my favorite store EVER)
Here are just some of their pretties. These along with loads of other amazing things can be found on their website.
You can thank me later for the eye candy overload.


lovely wednesday

 We spent some time outside this afternoon while baby slept.
Harry ran around and I wandered through the yard, read a book, journaled and talked to Emily. While wandering, I found this pot nestled up next to the house... the tiny tomatoes are probably not going to make it, but I am going to attempt to save them.

 This is my latest project... I only just finished it the other day (not that it was very time consuming... but when time to work on something of my own is a luxury....Things tend to get put aside)
The pattern is from Sublime Stitching... I just added the "sew". I hope that it will remind me to take the time to do something just for me...

I looked down long enough to see my bare big toes looking back at me... obviously these shoes are not going to be kind to me during the winter months... Ah, TOMS, I love you! Why did you have to die so quickly?!



I found my clock. I was wandering through Target and saw this beauty at the end of a random rack. It's lovely... and the best part? The whopping $11.24 price tag. That's right, it was on clearance for 75% off.

I also found this cute little guy while browsing around Marshalls. I thought that he needed to go on my mantel. I was correct.