i have a crush on...


All things owls...

state of things

finally asleep after a LOOONNNGG night of screaming, crying, and heavy use of the term "no way".

cried for a good hour, exhausted, glasses broken after really needing to lay down and forgetting that i left them on the couch.

i am fairly certain that today is going to be one of those days that i look back on and can't remember for the life of me just how i survived...


sunny days

actually it's raining outside...
but the title is actually referring to the fact that my son seems to have gotten over his obsession with all things Yo Gabba Gabba. i am in a state of shock! i thought i would never see the day when singing ridiculous songs about parties in my tummy would come to an end.

today, however, they it did. sesame street is apparently the drug of choice for two year olds.
while muno and brobee are things of the past, elmo and bert are amongst all things holy in the mind of a rather rambunctious toddler.

so, it looks as though target will no longer be getting my money for singing djs and green monsters but rather tickle-me-elmos and overly-developed yellow birds... it's already begun with a $17 bert compliments of my husband...


a little of this

apparently i have gotten the nesting bug. i can be perfectly happy sitting on the couch, when suddenly i HAVE TO wash the kitchen floor or do laundry. this is going to get annoying fast.

we are going out of town this weekend for stephen's grandpa's 90th birthday. his birthday and harry's are actually on the same day. it's kind of sad that i won't get to celebrate my baby's birthday on the actual day...
oh well, he'll have plenty more, right? i should probably be more focused on how i am going to handle a LONG car trip with a 2 year old while being extrememly pregnant. but at least i'll be with some really cute guys.

on a side note, my friend aimee is amazingly sweet and has offered to throw a shower for this new little guy. i am really blessed to have such awesomely sweet friends. aw.


week end

i am incapable of accomplishing much of anything past getting harry and myself dressed at this point. needless to say, my list is left for next week.

i did manage to start cleaning out the guest room... however, it quickly became an even bigger mess. i now believe that things randomly appear and disappear in my home. oh well, i don't need to make myself feel like a failure just because i didn't reach goals that i set for myself.

the BIG goal is really just to feel semi-ready for this baby and to spend as much time with harry before as possible before our world gets turned upside down....

here is some baby love that i have been drooling over...




and it's thursday already.

yesterday i turned around and all of my pots and pans were laid out on the kitchen floor. in their place was an active two year old who kept saying "cheese" until i got the camera and took his picture.however, i did manage to finally finish this pillow that has been sitting around my house for about a month...
i found this pillow
on etsy and really liked the concept, but wanted something with more red.
so i embroidered the tree and initials and sewed a red border to add the pop of color i wanted.
i like it alot.


3 things...

in an attempt to prevent being completely overwhelmed for the rest of the year (my life), i am trying to make/accomplish 3 small weekly goals. (small being very key)
there are, of course, large goals that will need to get done over the next month or two... but i consider these to be family goals and refuse to put them completely on myself.

this week's goals:
1. clean out the guest room
2. have all of the laundry done by the weekend
3. paint the dresser that has been sitting in my mudroom (supposed to be MY room) for at least six months

if i accomplish these goals by saturday night, i am totally going to reward myself.
if not, i guess that i already have next week's list made. BUT, the goal is to actually get it done.
so here is to optimism and productivity in 2010.



it seems like such a cliche to say that i am making new years goals...
but i am the kind of person that likes a clean start, and what is better than a new year AND decade all in one?

so here they are:

1. do a better job of keeping order in the house
(i get caught up in things and tend to forget all about housework and such
2. love my husband better
enough said.
3. be a better friend...
i basically sit at home and wait for other people to decide to call me... that is ridiculous
4. do something drastic
i am not sure what this is going to be yet... but i don't want to get stuck in a "mommy rut" this year
5. create more
i have time and stuff... now to find motivation and inspiration
6. love others more
i want to find a completely selfless way to show god's love to others
7. learn something new
does french count if i took it in college but forgot EVERYTHING i learned?
8. have a baby
technically, i have no choice in this one at this point.

so there it is...
now to actually do it....

hello new year.

apparently, time has gotten the best of me.
here are the past two weeks in a nutshell:
four christmas get togethers...
two grandma crying sessions...
one sister leaving the country...
six siblings together for the last time in the near future...
one thousand chai lattes...
twenty-two hours in the car...
eight o'clock bedtimes...
five days without stever...
one very worn out mama...
i am pretty exhausted these days in general, but these two weeks have completely drained me of any and all energy that i might have had saved up...
hopefully the next 3 months will be slow and steady.
here are some random pictures from the holidays