it seems like such a cliche to say that i am making new years goals...
but i am the kind of person that likes a clean start, and what is better than a new year AND decade all in one?

so here they are:

1. do a better job of keeping order in the house
(i get caught up in things and tend to forget all about housework and such
2. love my husband better
enough said.
3. be a better friend...
i basically sit at home and wait for other people to decide to call me... that is ridiculous
4. do something drastic
i am not sure what this is going to be yet... but i don't want to get stuck in a "mommy rut" this year
5. create more
i have time and stuff... now to find motivation and inspiration
6. love others more
i want to find a completely selfless way to show god's love to others
7. learn something new
does french count if i took it in college but forgot EVERYTHING i learned?
8. have a baby
technically, i have no choice in this one at this point.

so there it is...
now to actually do it....

1 comment:

Mama Goose said...

wow, the whole "new decade" thing really surprised me. that is amazing!

definitely up for hanging out, whenever those pesky kids will allow. i realize this is ironic because i was so homebound today, but i swear - most other days!