3 things...

in an attempt to prevent being completely overwhelmed for the rest of the year (my life), i am trying to make/accomplish 3 small weekly goals. (small being very key)
there are, of course, large goals that will need to get done over the next month or two... but i consider these to be family goals and refuse to put them completely on myself.

this week's goals:
1. clean out the guest room
2. have all of the laundry done by the weekend
3. paint the dresser that has been sitting in my mudroom (supposed to be MY room) for at least six months

if i accomplish these goals by saturday night, i am totally going to reward myself.
if not, i guess that i already have next week's list made. BUT, the goal is to actually get it done.
so here is to optimism and productivity in 2010.


Colin and Holly said...

maybe those are small goals for you, but they would be BIG goals for me! :)

日本 said...
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