a little of this

apparently i have gotten the nesting bug. i can be perfectly happy sitting on the couch, when suddenly i HAVE TO wash the kitchen floor or do laundry. this is going to get annoying fast.

we are going out of town this weekend for stephen's grandpa's 90th birthday. his birthday and harry's are actually on the same day. it's kind of sad that i won't get to celebrate my baby's birthday on the actual day...
oh well, he'll have plenty more, right? i should probably be more focused on how i am going to handle a LONG car trip with a 2 year old while being extrememly pregnant. but at least i'll be with some really cute guys.

on a side note, my friend aimee is amazingly sweet and has offered to throw a shower for this new little guy. i am really blessed to have such awesomely sweet friends. aw.

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