we went to the pumpkin patch...

                                                                       And had a great time.


Busy busy busy...

   I have just entered the third trimester of this pregnancy (don't expect a belly picture any time soon), and it hit me like a mac truck. Basically as soon as week 27 rolled around I have felt the need to tackle each and every thing that is or ever might be on my to do list.
   For example: yesterday I NEEDED to go through each box of clothes that the boys have grown out of/are waiting to grow into and sort, refold, and finally put them all back into boxes. Unfortunately, the end result is now something like this due to the fact that I have a ton of stuff to donate, and I have yet to decide where to store said boxes.
    I also finally attacked the pile of fabric that was waiting to  be turned into pillow covers. My previous covers (seen here) were a bit "spring-y" for me right now (yup that's a word), and I really wanted something a bit more subdued.
The floral fabric is a Pottery Barn curtain that I found at a thrift shop and the yellow patterned fabric is the stuff I bought way back here and have been waiting to decide just what to do with it.
I am pretty sure I am going to make some more, but haven't found any more fabric that I am in love with just yet. Besides everything I do is pretty much a constant work in progress.

Speaking of works in progress- I messed with some fall do-dads on the mantle as well.
I am pretty sure that all of this energy is going to leave any day now, and that my husband with literally have to drag me out of bed every morning. I am just trying to use it while I have it.


october is here

     After countless hours pinning some pretty amazing fall decorations, the time has finally come to get off my butt and actually accomplish something.
     Granted it is only a start, but we are waiting for daddy to take us to the pumpkin patch (myself included.)
I think this particular spot is begging for a pretty, fat white pumpkin.



- I am 26 weeks pregnant. It feels a lot like I am actually 26 months pregnant.

- We have an offer out there on a house and are waiting (not patiently) to hear back on it.

- There are piles of clothes (some the boys have grown out of, some that I have grown out of, some that we are waiting for a little something to arrive who can wear them) everywhere!

- My husband is on a business trip, and my sweet, amazing mom came for a short (one night) visit to make sure that I didn't have a break down during his absence.

- The tv has been on way too much lately. These two don't seem to mind...

- My 3 year old turns into a screaming banchee at swim lessons. He will still be wearing water wings at the age of 36.

- I have a pile of fabric ready to make new pillow covers. I have zero energy or motivation to make said pillow covers.

- I am relishing the fact that I can now wear my vast collection of sweaters without getting weird looks. (people tend to question my wardrobe choices when it's 80 degrees and I look like a grandma.)\

- The plan is to post more often. (*I said PLAN)