- I am 26 weeks pregnant. It feels a lot like I am actually 26 months pregnant.

- We have an offer out there on a house and are waiting (not patiently) to hear back on it.

- There are piles of clothes (some the boys have grown out of, some that I have grown out of, some that we are waiting for a little something to arrive who can wear them) everywhere!

- My husband is on a business trip, and my sweet, amazing mom came for a short (one night) visit to make sure that I didn't have a break down during his absence.

- The tv has been on way too much lately. These two don't seem to mind...

- My 3 year old turns into a screaming banchee at swim lessons. He will still be wearing water wings at the age of 36.

- I have a pile of fabric ready to make new pillow covers. I have zero energy or motivation to make said pillow covers.

- I am relishing the fact that I can now wear my vast collection of sweaters without getting weird looks. (people tend to question my wardrobe choices when it's 80 degrees and I look like a grandma.)\

- The plan is to post more often. (*I said PLAN)

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