fess up friday

- I somehow managed to avoid scrubbing the floor in the living room for about a month. When I finally got around to it (company was coming... see, mom, i am not that bad) Harry actually fell three times on the freshly scrubbed floor. Now I am going to use the dirt as an excuse, "it provides traction".

- I avoid eye contact with other moms at the park if they look older/ not as "cool" as me. Sad, especially when I am there in all of my un-showered, sweatpants glory.

- We had goldfish for lunch one day this week. That's all.

- One of our new favorite shows is Swamp People. no, seriously. it's a guilty pleasure.

- The baby's carseat is so full of goldfish right now that he doesn't even need a snack cup when we go places. He just reaches under his bum and eats the first one he finds.


mother's day wishlist

since mother's day is just around the corner, i thought i would share a thing or two i might fancy:

1. breakfast in bed- easy. basically free. sweet.
2. some new toms- due to my super busy schedule  laziness, I have yet to replace my shamefully, holey pairs.
3. sunny weather and an afternoon outside with the three loves in my life.
that's all. nothing big or fancy. well, maybe a hug or two and an "i love you, mom".


what a week

 Excuse my absence. Apparently I thought it would be a great idea to pack up two little boys on Monday morning and make the four hour trip to see my mom. If you are looking for a way to exhaust yourself, take a road trip without any help. I was so tired the whole time I was there, I didn't really feel like doing anything. Ugh. At least the boys saw their grandma, aunts and uncle. I could tell when we left on Wednesday that they were both equally exhausted. At least they slept almost the whole way home.

We had a nice, long weekend. We spent a lot of time with friends, family and each other. Lovely.
Saturday evening we went to a festival (basically a few bands a lot of people) with some friends. That was a nice way to enjoy the pretty weather. We had pizza for dinner and stayed up late. 
We spent Easter morning at church and ate lunch with family in the area. The rest of the afternoon was spent lazily napping and being thankful for our amazing life.


to do list

              The days are getting warmer. The sun stays a bit longer to play. We have been enjoying it.
This week the goal is to get a bit more spring cleaning done, as well as getting the kiddos outside as much as I can stand. I already cleaned out the garage, the master bathroom, the linen closet, the pantry and the coat closet last week. I am hoping to follow up with a good scrubbing down of the kitchen, the guest bathroom, the two little boogers' rooms and the master bedroom. I am going to save the main living space until I can round up some help with the kids when my mom visits or something. I don't want to lose a child in the cleaning frenzy that will definitely take place. I am so glad that spring finally decided to make her debut. I was getting worried.



Here are some of the things that I have been doing while the kids were sleeping or happy playing by themselves:

When I saw this guy at the thrift store, I just had to have him. I saw past the ugly brown and black and the years of dust that the poor thing had collected. I saw something amazing. For $10 there was no way I was leaving without him. So I took him home, took out my can of white, high gloss and in about 10 minutes I had something lovely.

 The one below is the West Elm owl table lamp. I think mine looks just as good. (but i might be a bit prejudice)
 Keeping with the owl theme, I found a few different cuddly owl pals that I liked on Etsy
and made my own pattern based on the lot of them. This one was for West's birthday a few weeks ago, and I love him. West likes to lay on him like a big pillow. It's kinda cute. I wish I had a picture of it.
 And lastly, the mister has been after me to replace some pillows that I had gotten rid of from the living room. Apparently it isn't as comfortable to lie down without a pillow or two. I made a pair of covers in the green fabric and am currently experimenting wih the rosettes on the smaller one. I like that they are off center a kinda silly looking. It's backed in floral fabric that matches the green pillows. They will do for now, but I have a few projects that I want to get started on now that the weather is pretty. These will either stay or be replaced depending on what fabric I end up using for the other projects.

fess up friday


This morning we are trying something a little new... basically you get to hear about all of the embarrassing crap in my life this week. If you want to read more embarrassing things about some other people feel free to click on the link above. It will definitely make you feel slightly better about yourself (at least it did for me).

- While driving home from the store I realized that the three year old had unbuckled himself and was standing up in the back of the car. Due to the fact that we were in our neighborhood, I chose to push him down and tell him to hide so the neighbors didn't see.

- The the same three year old came up to hug me this morning and instead caressed my chest and said "I kiss your boo boo". Awkward. I suppose that is what he gets out of knowing that I am nursing his brother all the time. This might just be what I need to get the weaning process started.

- I have bought 3 potties, 4 books 2 movies on potty training. I don't even sit him on the potty. He's going to wear diapers until he is in school.

- My baby's poo is so gross that I quit doing cloth for a few days just so that I didn't have to clean it. It kind of makes me want to puke, but I am afraid that if I got sick that the three year old would also get sick and that would just make everything worse.

- I haven't been to the gym this week because "my headphones are broken." lame.

- We are dropping the kids off at the Y tonight for their Parents Night Out. Last time we did this, we ended up going to see Red Riding Hood because it was the only movie showing at the right time. We just wanted to be able to say we saw a movie.

- Last night we had leftovers for dinner. I heated my own up, sat down and started to eat. I guess that I just assumed the two kids could get their own. My husband definitely called me out on that.

So there is the confession for the week. Feel free to share your confessions from the week, or just point and laugh at mine.


is it friday yet?

     It has been a tough week. I keep having to stop and remind myself that these two little men are my responsibility to guide, teach and take care of for the time being. This is hard due to the fact that my oldest little boy told me that he would rather live in the woods "with the animals" than live with me. ouch.
Where do they come up with things like that? How is it automatically built in to know how to hurt and hurt deeply????
    I am just really ready for the weekend and to find sometime to settle down with the Bible, my journal and a massive cup of caffeinated goodness. It's so refreshing and necessary to constantly remind myself that no matter how hard my day God is still in love with me and continues to love on me (even when it feels like no one else is). He is still watching out for me and, ultimately, I really can't get away from that. I need to get that tattooed across my forehead or something. I tend to forget it when everything builds up around me and I can't seem to get it together. (that happens a lot)
So, hopefully, in the time to come, I can focus on that and not the fact that the three year old is incapable of doing anything without touching/hitting/kicking the little brother. Yeah, it's gonna take some real focus.


pink cheeks and other things

right now i am enjoying a little boy who is coming into his own. he has an amazing personality and it's so fun watching him discover everything around him. teeth that are slowly making appearances are making naps (and sleep in general) seem like a thing of the past. it's nice to have quiet happy moments without fussing or crying. he has been extra clingy lately. i don't mind most of the time.... but once in a while i actually have to accomplish something, and that is slightly difficult.

 i am also enjoying some touches of pink that have brightened things up and made spring feel much closer. i bought myself a little 'pick me up' the other day when we were having yet another bout of winter weather in April... APRIL! ridiculous. so i came home with a little bunch of pink flowers and a pair of pink shoes. it worked. i am content and don't really mind the chill outside as long as there is sun coming through the windows, and i am cozy indoors.