mother's day wishlist

since mother's day is just around the corner, i thought i would share a thing or two i might fancy:

1. breakfast in bed- easy. basically free. sweet.
2. some new toms- due to my super busy schedule  laziness, I have yet to replace my shamefully, holey pairs.
3. sunny weather and an afternoon outside with the three loves in my life.
that's all. nothing big or fancy. well, maybe a hug or two and an "i love you, mom".

1 comment:

Kira said...

I like your list~ I would adore a day in the sunshine too. Today it's snowy/raining here in Idaho, which is sort of depressing. I'm hoping this is just the last little tantrum of winter, and then Spring will take charge cuz I'm freezing :)

That's the sweetest picture!