pink cheeks and other things

right now i am enjoying a little boy who is coming into his own. he has an amazing personality and it's so fun watching him discover everything around him. teeth that are slowly making appearances are making naps (and sleep in general) seem like a thing of the past. it's nice to have quiet happy moments without fussing or crying. he has been extra clingy lately. i don't mind most of the time.... but once in a while i actually have to accomplish something, and that is slightly difficult.

 i am also enjoying some touches of pink that have brightened things up and made spring feel much closer. i bought myself a little 'pick me up' the other day when we were having yet another bout of winter weather in April... APRIL! ridiculous. so i came home with a little bunch of pink flowers and a pair of pink shoes. it worked. i am content and don't really mind the chill outside as long as there is sun coming through the windows, and i am cozy indoors.

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