fess up friday

- I somehow managed to avoid scrubbing the floor in the living room for about a month. When I finally got around to it (company was coming... see, mom, i am not that bad) Harry actually fell three times on the freshly scrubbed floor. Now I am going to use the dirt as an excuse, "it provides traction".

- I avoid eye contact with other moms at the park if they look older/ not as "cool" as me. Sad, especially when I am there in all of my un-showered, sweatpants glory.

- We had goldfish for lunch one day this week. That's all.

- One of our new favorite shows is Swamp People. no, seriously. it's a guilty pleasure.

- The baby's carseat is so full of goldfish right now that he doesn't even need a snack cup when we go places. He just reaches under his bum and eats the first one he finds.



Kira said...

Oh Truly, you make me laugh every single time. I'm totally intrigued with this Swamp People show! I've seen it once, and I think I need to set it to record automatically on my DVR. It's one of those shows where you want to think it's all an act, but I don't think it is. Kind of like Philip on Survivor. That guy is nuts.

Amanda Jo said...

We love Swamp People too!!!! It's really one of my husband's favorites.

Truly said...

we are obsessed. dvr it. do it.