what a week

 Excuse my absence. Apparently I thought it would be a great idea to pack up two little boys on Monday morning and make the four hour trip to see my mom. If you are looking for a way to exhaust yourself, take a road trip without any help. I was so tired the whole time I was there, I didn't really feel like doing anything. Ugh. At least the boys saw their grandma, aunts and uncle. I could tell when we left on Wednesday that they were both equally exhausted. At least they slept almost the whole way home.

We had a nice, long weekend. We spent a lot of time with friends, family and each other. Lovely.
Saturday evening we went to a festival (basically a few bands a lot of people) with some friends. That was a nice way to enjoy the pretty weather. We had pizza for dinner and stayed up late. 
We spent Easter morning at church and ate lunch with family in the area. The rest of the afternoon was spent lazily napping and being thankful for our amazing life.

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elisabeth said...

your boys are super cute!