When it comes to things like working out and eating healthy the hubster and I don't exactly see eye to eye. He actually likes going to the gym. I kinda see it as an optional activity. I like fruits and veggies and love vegetarian dishes. He thinks all meals require meat and bread to be considered complete.
However, after the arrival of baby number two and our big move, I noticed a huge plunge in my energy levels. Starbucks and I were already close friends, but it was becoming an unhealthy relationship.... almost abusive. I wasn't eating well (or really at all sometimes). Things were not looking good.

So we are slowly and surely making some changes. We got a membership at the YMCA. I still don't like the idea of hanging out at the gym, but it isn't all that terrible I suppose. They provide childcare for the little guys. I can go in the morning when we first get up and going or in the afternoon if we really need a break from each other. If nothing else, it is preventing me from completely losing my sanity.
I am also focusing on eating more and better throughout the day. If I forget to eat for some reason, I make myself stop and find something like a piece of fruit of a bagel. Smoothies with an added nutrition packet have become my best friend. They can pretty much take the place of a meal, but I can take them with me if I am running a bit behind.
These might sound like no brainers, but when you have two kids and you are doing it all alone most days, "no brainers" are even too much.

It's a start at least. We'll see how much I can add to this tiny beginning.

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big week

This past week was a big one at our house.
Harry turned 3. Wow. I have a 3 year old. When did that happen? We had friends come visit for the weekend then had a pirate party with a couple of friends and had a pretty laid back time.
He is such a big boy now.
West is 10 months now, too. He is a giant baby. There is no other way to say it.They are really great together. It is so amazing watching them play. West LOVES Harry and watches everything he does. Harry watches out for his big brother and tries to comfort him whenever he cries. It makes my heart melt. Here are some pictures of my big fellas
and their special days.


before and after

The house that we are currently living in was built in the 90's. Nothing wrong with that... however, some of the colors and overall style choices the owners made are slightly outdated ridiculous. So we are slowly making some easy changes. Nothing too big (we are renting for only a year). The most obvious thing is taking down the awful curtain and shutters in the kitchen (seen here). The end result is better light and fewer headaches from large stripes in my face all the time.
We hope that painting the kitchen is one of the next things we do to make the best of what we have and make this feel a bit more like our home for the time being. That depends on the owners and how attached they are to the days of Baywatch and Saved by the Bell they are.
We shall see.


this week

My arm is FINALLY healing. Tattoos are LOVELY, but sooooo painful. I have only been able to wear short sleeves once this week. Apparently not all people in the NC mountains are not too excited about tattooed ladies, because I definitely got a look or two.

Harry took a sharpie to one of the shams from my new bedding. I almost died. It is going to take some serious creativity to figure out a way to cover that up without having to replace anything.

We have some friends coming up for the weekend, and my little man turns 3 on Sunday.
(Yes, those are my gnome pants.)
What a way to end a very long week.



for holly

a while  ridiculously long time ago, my friend Holly asked to see some pictures of the house after we had moved in and gotten somewhat settled. I failed. So, better late than never, here are some pictures.
I decided to do a room or two at a time rather than overwhelm you with pictures....

 The bedding was a Christmas present (kinda) from Steve's parents. (Thanks Paul and Edith!!)
It's Cynthia Rowley. I originally REALLY wanted this set from Anthropologie, but it really doesn't make any sense to spend that much on really nice bedding when we have some pretty messy kiddos who love to watch TV in bed with mom. So the obvious choice was to find something similar with a reasonable price tag.
 The corner where the rocking chair currently sits is eventually going to house my sewing table and machine. We just got my table back from my sister last time we went home, and it is currently in the garage awaiting a coat of paint.
 This is the giant baby who can be found in my bed whenever I am in the room.
 This is the tiny kitchen. It isn't too terrible. There is a ton of storage, much more than we had at the old house.
The little eat in part fits our table and chair perfectly. There is a little window seat that you can sort of see in the far left corner at the end of the table.

So there are the master bedroom and kitchen. Hopefully that will hold you over until I can get a couple of other rooms put together enough to photograph.
The end. 



i am such a slacker.... here is the month of December in pictures.
We had our 5 year anniversary, two weddings, multiple trips back to Durham, two Christmas's, a visit from aunt Dusty, saw my grandmother for the first time since Westley was born, and had a wonderful end of the year.
This might have been my favorite Christmas ever. There was very little arguing (a miracle for our family), it wasn't all about the presents (even though everything i got was lovely and perfect and just what i wanted), the only thing really missing was Anna (but we did get to skype with her on Christmas day).

I didn't manage to get any pictures of our anniversary present to each other which was tickets to the Avett Brothers show on the 30th. That was perfect in every way. 5 years later and we are as happy and in love as ever. Love!

Our new year's eve was spent at home, with the boys, in bed by 11. Pretty much perfect. (we are so old)