When it comes to things like working out and eating healthy the hubster and I don't exactly see eye to eye. He actually likes going to the gym. I kinda see it as an optional activity. I like fruits and veggies and love vegetarian dishes. He thinks all meals require meat and bread to be considered complete.
However, after the arrival of baby number two and our big move, I noticed a huge plunge in my energy levels. Starbucks and I were already close friends, but it was becoming an unhealthy relationship.... almost abusive. I wasn't eating well (or really at all sometimes). Things were not looking good.

So we are slowly and surely making some changes. We got a membership at the YMCA. I still don't like the idea of hanging out at the gym, but it isn't all that terrible I suppose. They provide childcare for the little guys. I can go in the morning when we first get up and going or in the afternoon if we really need a break from each other. If nothing else, it is preventing me from completely losing my sanity.
I am also focusing on eating more and better throughout the day. If I forget to eat for some reason, I make myself stop and find something like a piece of fruit of a bagel. Smoothies with an added nutrition packet have become my best friend. They can pretty much take the place of a meal, but I can take them with me if I am running a bit behind.
These might sound like no brainers, but when you have two kids and you are doing it all alone most days, "no brainers" are even too much.

It's a start at least. We'll see how much I can add to this tiny beginning.

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