this guy

four years ago i walked down the aisle in a poofy white dress. i met a cute guy in a suit. we said some pretty hardcore things to each other....

and here we are...

and i am still head over heels...

happy four years to my love!


cookie decorating

some pictures from cookie decorating at our house...

harry didn't have any left to show you..

tattoo's on my mind

i pretty much know that i am going to get a new tattoo after this little boy decides to be born... and i am almost sure of what i want... like 90%... it's going to be a line from this amazing hymn...

but there is always the chance that i will change my mind and get some other lovely thing... i am fairly certain this won't be the last bit of ink i acquire, so it isn't like "this or nothing"...

dusty and i are almost completely in sync about getting the same thing, though...


oh how pretty

is it wrong that i spend the time while harry is napping to look at pretty things on etsy???

like this...

want a moby?

i know i do!
here is a chance to win one at the b keeps us honest.


wednesday never seemed so good...

a few pictures from the past couple of days...



good way to end the week

saturday was a very cold and wet day. stephen spent the morning working on the house, so harry and i made our escape and ran some errands. the afternoon contained a lot of football watching, napping, and tea drinking.

stephen ducked out of the house early in the evening to watch a game at a friend's house, which left harry and i to find our own entertainment. dusty came to play. this led to cookie eating and firetrucks. (with white christmas on in the background)

*sunday will thus be spent lounging, eating, napping and the like..

PS... this is the state of my largeness at 23 weeks 2 days and counting... i am going to be HUGE!




last night my hubby and i saw phantom of the opera at the DPAC.
it was beautiful, magical and amazing. there is just something about a play that the movie cannot replace.
what a great start to the holiday season...