and it's a...

For Harry...

this cute picture was found here


things i want to be for halloween... but probably won't put the effort into

any one from robin hood (the disney version, of course)
the orginal gidget

who ever heard of a pregnant red riding hood? it would make for some good conversation though....


eye candy

here are some more pretty pictures that i find inspiring...

we have been doing SO much better this week with sleep. harry has decided he doesn't hate napping after all... and has taken 2 3 hour naps this week. yay for sleeping kids.
we have also tried taking long walks in the morning instead of hanging indoors and watching tv.
the first one was awful. picture a screaming kid who continues to take off his socks and shoes when it is 40 degrees outside and a dog that keeps trying to run away. yup. that was attempt #1. our second attempt went much better. it was warmer, sunny, and harry had a lovely time talking to emily and the leaves on the ground. that made for a much nicer hour.
on a side note: i am completely losing my mind. i have missed not one-but two of harry's doctor appointments this month. something is horribly wrong with me. oh well, as long as we can reschedule... i will just go with it.


happy monday...

this is how i spent sunday and monday evening
I had to remove that horrible picture of my gross, non-showered self... i will get another one up soon... maybe tomorrow {along with some happy news:-)}


a little inspiration

i love both of these... and as we get closer to figuring out what we are having( and thus what color the now guest room/soon to be baby#2 room is going to end up) it helps to have a little inspiration...

both of these pictures are from ohdeeoh's top picks


mmm mmm good...

my day was spent mostly in the kitchen...

this is what came out of that:

yummy tarragon chicken salad

Chicken pot pie from this wonderful recipe

PS... my son decided he wanted to spend the day naked.

PSS... this is my largeness at 16 weeks


pink on my mind

this dresser is amazing
i should've worn a pink wedding dress
this movie is wonderful...

pink coats are dreamy

it's nice to know that all maternity dresses aren't hideous... this one's cute!

my husband wouldn't let me paint my kitchen pink... but it's fabulous none-the-less
this little girl's room makes me wonder what color our little punkin's room is going to be

to do list

here is this week's to do list:

piles of laundry

actually look at the books that i got for my birthday

take this lovely lady for lots of walks

spend as much time as possible with these two fellas


survey says...

i think it's right about the time to take a poll. there are only two possible answers... so it should be pretty easy. boy or girl...



15 weeks

so i realized that i haven't technically taken any belly pictures this (or last) pregnancy. i really want to have some real big belly pictures to compare... and thus it begins.

things that make me smile...

this wee little man
pretty fall weddings

pretty umbrellas for not-so-pretty days like today

thoughts of some pictures like this being taken next spring

these pretty pumpkins

PS... in case you were wondering, it's fall


i heart the 80's

yesterday when i walked out of the bathroom, i found harry like this...


really? now?

so our computer decided to completely die and never recharge ever again. we have bought multiple cords for it and they work for a few days, but eventually the laptop figures it out and dies again. we ultimately gave in and made the long (but really very short) drive to best buy.
we opted for a desktop due to the fact that there will soon be multiple little ones in the house. this in and of itself means that things that are out of reach remain safe while things (like laptops) that are not get destroyed.

But... now we don't have our music, pictures, files or anything pretty much that we once had at our fingertips. my personal goal is to start uploading every picture that we take to kodakgallery.com so that i don't have to deal with this ever again.
that also means that i need to take more pictures, because i can blame the laptop for the lack of recent pictures of my son... but that was all me.


time goes by...

lately life has been pretty calm. harry and i spend most days at home. he plays, and i spend most days on the couch trying not to throw up or trying to keep housework from taking over my life. that mostly entails actually doing dishes, a load of laundry hear and there, and picking up the overwhelming number of toys my son has accumulated.

i have been struggling with finding the time, motivation, and inspiration to get anything "fun" done. despite the 9 months that i have had to adjust, the transition from work to home still throws me for a loop now and then. i can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that days are going to be pretty plain unless i actually make a huge effort to change that. harry is happy hanging out at home day after day and playing. i tend to get extremely (dare i say) lazy if i don't have some sort of outside deadline or motivation to get something done. unfortunately, my head knows that anything i don't get done today will be there tomorrow....

i did go to the fabric store to get some pretty fabric for a gift for my newest niece. so maybe that will start the creative process for something else.

as for today, we'll be enjoying the pretty weather. we might even get up the gusto to take a walk. i am hoping to get the baby seat attached to my bike soon so that i can take a few rides with harry while i can still keep my balance.