time goes by...

lately life has been pretty calm. harry and i spend most days at home. he plays, and i spend most days on the couch trying not to throw up or trying to keep housework from taking over my life. that mostly entails actually doing dishes, a load of laundry hear and there, and picking up the overwhelming number of toys my son has accumulated.

i have been struggling with finding the time, motivation, and inspiration to get anything "fun" done. despite the 9 months that i have had to adjust, the transition from work to home still throws me for a loop now and then. i can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that days are going to be pretty plain unless i actually make a huge effort to change that. harry is happy hanging out at home day after day and playing. i tend to get extremely (dare i say) lazy if i don't have some sort of outside deadline or motivation to get something done. unfortunately, my head knows that anything i don't get done today will be there tomorrow....

i did go to the fabric store to get some pretty fabric for a gift for my newest niece. so maybe that will start the creative process for something else.

as for today, we'll be enjoying the pretty weather. we might even get up the gusto to take a walk. i am hoping to get the baby seat attached to my bike soon so that i can take a few rides with harry while i can still keep my balance.

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