really? now?

so our computer decided to completely die and never recharge ever again. we have bought multiple cords for it and they work for a few days, but eventually the laptop figures it out and dies again. we ultimately gave in and made the long (but really very short) drive to best buy.
we opted for a desktop due to the fact that there will soon be multiple little ones in the house. this in and of itself means that things that are out of reach remain safe while things (like laptops) that are not get destroyed.

But... now we don't have our music, pictures, files or anything pretty much that we once had at our fingertips. my personal goal is to start uploading every picture that we take to kodakgallery.com so that i don't have to deal with this ever again.
that also means that i need to take more pictures, because i can blame the laptop for the lack of recent pictures of my son... but that was all me.

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