eye candy

here are some more pretty pictures that i find inspiring...

we have been doing SO much better this week with sleep. harry has decided he doesn't hate napping after all... and has taken 2 3 hour naps this week. yay for sleeping kids.
we have also tried taking long walks in the morning instead of hanging indoors and watching tv.
the first one was awful. picture a screaming kid who continues to take off his socks and shoes when it is 40 degrees outside and a dog that keeps trying to run away. yup. that was attempt #1. our second attempt went much better. it was warmer, sunny, and harry had a lovely time talking to emily and the leaves on the ground. that made for a much nicer hour.
on a side note: i am completely losing my mind. i have missed not one-but two of harry's doctor appointments this month. something is horribly wrong with me. oh well, as long as we can reschedule... i will just go with it.

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Mel said...

Yeah that would be the grace of the pregnant brain :) I am constantly forgetting things...like literally what I just did....not sure that will go away any time soon!