i am such a slacker.... here is the month of December in pictures.
We had our 5 year anniversary, two weddings, multiple trips back to Durham, two Christmas's, a visit from aunt Dusty, saw my grandmother for the first time since Westley was born, and had a wonderful end of the year.
This might have been my favorite Christmas ever. There was very little arguing (a miracle for our family), it wasn't all about the presents (even though everything i got was lovely and perfect and just what i wanted), the only thing really missing was Anna (but we did get to skype with her on Christmas day).

I didn't manage to get any pictures of our anniversary present to each other which was tickets to the Avett Brothers show on the 30th. That was perfect in every way. 5 years later and we are as happy and in love as ever. Love!

Our new year's eve was spent at home, with the boys, in bed by 11. Pretty much perfect. (we are so old)

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