an announcement

After a few weeks of feeling a bit out of sorts, I finally know the reason.
Baby number three is on the way. I would normally not share something like this so early (5 weeks), but I need some advice. I am considering using a midwife this time around, but am still unsure about all of the differences from an OB. I am asking you to give me any information or feedback from personal experiences (either way). I have done a traditional hospital birth twice and it was fine. I am still pretty pro-hospital, and will most likely deliver there whichever type of care I choose.

So, thanks in advance for you help and advice. I will hopefully be meeting with a midwife in the next few weeks to determine if I even like the woman (I probably don't want someone I am not too keen on being all up in "there").

And.... I will also be holding my breath for the next few weeks. I have a history of miscarriage and every little cramp or pain is scary. Maybe send a prayer or two my way if you think about it, too?


Mel said...

!!!!!YAAYYYYY!!!!! of course you know I will share above and beyond the amount you want to know ;) so maybe you can email me with a couple of questions and I will send you a novel back! Praying for peace and health for you and the new little babe! hugs!

Colin and Holly said...

congrats! (i think i remember you saying there would never be a third...?) ;)! Sending peace your way!

christalena said...

I used a midwife with all three of my babies and delivered in a hospital. I loved their personal and warm care. If you are still feeling up to a visit...maybe we should come your way...I would love to share with you about it. Congrats on number three! :) I will pray for you and the fear. I miscarried right before I got pregnant with Eisley and the fear was intense this last time. Peace, overflowing peace. So happy for you guys!