excuse me while i pretend to be a t-rex

Things have definitely started seeing a change of pace around the home front since the news of the third little amigo being on its way. I can't find much energy to do most things, so priorities have changed. I find myself spending more time focusing on the boys and just enjoying them. I don't want to spend my whole pregnancy thinking of things that need to be done OR being overwhelmed by how much life is going to change by adding another little being that needs all of my attention. I want to remember this time with just the three of us. I want to really and truly enjoy the beginning of the preschool age and the end of the baby stages. Every day seems to bring new accomplishments or discoveries. I don't want to lose those little celebrations in exhaustion.

So, here is to: leaving some dishes undone upon occasion, not fretting over piles of laundry, listening to lots of baby laughs and playing dinosaurs whenever I just so happen to be invited to join in on the fun. I am really in love with my two little misters and just know that life can only get better by adding to the brood.

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