saltines and show tunes

Last week was such a roller coaster of a week. I spent at least two full days moving back and forth between my bed and the couch, trying to convince the boys that staying confined in the room we were currently in was super fun. I have the feeling they didn't fall for it, but they did what they were told none-the-less (with a breakdown here and there).
     We had a ridiculously busy weekend planned, and I was completely overwhelmed by just how much we had going on. We went to a birthday party for two toddlers on Saturday afternoon. That entire morning I could barely convince myself to get out of bed, so by the time we needed to leave I was sort of in rush mode. The whole party I felt like I was in a daze. It was hot, sunny and there were a ton of little kiddos running around the backyard. It was fun, but very draining. After two hours of that, the rest of the day was spent in recoup mode.
     Sunday was going to be an even busier day. We had planned to go to church, followed by a cookout, immediately followed by Chicago the musical that was being done at Flat Rock Play House (which apparently is North Carolina's state theatre). I didn't make it to church because I was already exhausted just thinking about everything else that we needed to do, so my husband took the boys by himself. Apparently, my 3 year old peed on a friend after church. Oh, the joys of potty training.
     After a quick nap for the boys and getting everything that we would need for such a busy afternoon packed up in the car, we set out for the cookout. The place we were going was only about 20 minutes away, but halfway down the road I got a terrible feeling in my stomach. I knew things were going downhill. Luckily, we had a ton of practice with emergency stops due to the fact that I was constantly throwing up when I was pregnant with my oldest. Stephen stopped right in time for me to jump out of the car.... and well.... I'll spare you the details. Ugh.
However, it made me feel so much better! I was actually able to enjoy myself at the cookout and eat almost whatever I wanted. (It also helped that I took a few pills that my old OB was lovely enough to prescribe for me to cancel out what I like to call the baby-pukes.)
     For almost 5 hours we played in the sun, at fished, played corn hole, walked, and chatted with some old friends and new acquaintances. We were the only ones there with kids, so it was much more laid back than Saturday afternoon.  When you have 8 or 9 couples who are either pregnant, ready to think about kids or just like kids- someone is always ready and willing to play with yours. It helps that ours were in pretty good moods.  I wish I had taken my camera, but I probably would have forgotten to take pictures.
Once everyone else left, we hosed down the kids cleaned the boys and ourselves up a bit. The couple who were hosting the cookout had already agreed to watch the boys while we went to the play. It was super easy that way, since we were able to leave straight from their house without making another trip to drop the boys off anywhere.
     The show was pretty great. Although, I will be the first to admit that I am always going to compare things like that with the movie.... and the actor they had playing Billy was no where close to Richard Gere....
I was glad we saw it, though, and was so very glad to see my bed once we made it home. I am glad that the previous week had been so low key (even if it was only because I felt like I was going to die half of the time.)
     Stephen took today off to help make today easier. This is Harry's last week of preschool, so hopefully I can put those two days to very good use. Tonight I think we will be eating something very easy and following it with some ice cream. Might as well end the long weekend on a very high note.

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