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With the fact that we will soon be a family of 5 quickly becoming a reality to both the Mister and I, the time has come to figure out a new sleeping arrangement for the two little men. They currently have separate bedrooms. This has been a necessity due to the fact that neither have been what you might call "good sleepers". On the contrary, my kids are terrible sleepers. They cry, talk, sing and do whatever they can think of to get out of bed. We are making progress, though, and think that by the time the little guy is 18 months that we will be able to swing a shared room.

This has lead to the search for share spaces that are both functional and cute. Here are a few that have caught my eye.

Yes, I know that all three of these look a bit girly... but, I am positive that with the right interpretation that they could be transformed into amazing spaces for two fancy fellas such as my own.
The biggest problem I think that I will be facing is the fact that we are not going to paint. So I will have to find a creative way to cover parts of the acid green walls.
Good thing I like a challenge.

All images via Ohdeedoh

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christalena said...

The last two are super cute. I need to spruce of my kids' room really badly. They share a room and we may even end up with three in one room. I'm convinced it's doable. We'll see. IKEA can probably make all my dreams come true.