fess up friday


Oi. What a time these past few weeks have been. Here is the best and the worst of it (in no particular order):

- I caught myself using tv as a bargaining tool on several occasions. Not even a good one. I think it went something like this "sit down and be quiet, or I am turning the tv off right now." yeah, we probably won't be leaving the house a whole lot, so this is about all I have.

- I take breaks potty training. If I don't think I can handle it that day, I just put him in pull-ups. That won't confuse him or anything. Really.

- I have zero pain tolerance. I actually have cried every time that I have thrown up this time around. Great.

- There is currently a load of laundry in the washer. I have no idea when I ran it. I am afraid to open it due to the inevitable smell.

- Going back to the tv thing... my 14 month old sings along to the theme song for Bubble Guppies and actually claps whenever he hears it. If you don't know what Bubble Guppies is, consider yourself lucky.

- Also, my 3 year old speaks Spanglish thanks to Dora. Great. As if I didn't have a hard enough time understanding him.

- My attitude towards diapers has gotten pretty awful. I avoid them whenever possible. My one year old must know this. He has decided to drop a load every two hours or so. I think he likes to make me suffer.


Kira said...

Bu-bu-bubba-guppy-guppy-guppy! Oh yes, I am familiar. Unfortunately, I'm usually the one singing it. I catch myself humming that little jingle all the time.

I will not ever 'fess up to how long I've gone without changing my son's stinky diaper... longer than I should!

I'm assuming the throwing up was a reference to being pregnant? I'm a little out of the loop on all my blogs lately. If so, congratulations! I am so sorry about the sickness though :( I would do the third trimester twice if it meant I could skip the nausea and vomiting of the firs trimester. It is so miserable, especially when you have other kids to watch :( No guilt for the tv babysitter when you feel like that. It won't permanently harm them... at least I haven't seen evidence of it yet at my house and we watch way too much tv too ;)

christalena said...

Okay, I think I cry every time I vomit. Seriously. And yeah, I second the tv thing. My kids still watch too much tv because we are "still in the season of pregnancy/newborn". That's what I keep telling myself. We are all weaning off the tv, bit by bit.

Girl, the diapers while having the nausea...could not do it. There are no words to describe the horrific combination of the two. I would leave a pile of diapers for John to spray when he got home. We did a pack or two of disposables too, which didn't really help. Now he's just in disposables, when he's not naked or in underwear...which is highly experimental. We go back and forth a lot.

I'm sorry this time is so bad for you :( I so sympathize. Here's to hoping for a shorter sickness time!

Thanks for introducing me to "Fess Up Friday! My favoritest thing ever.