happy mother's day to me

(apparently blogger decided to delete this post, so i am rewriting it)

My mother's day was amazing. I would even go so far as to say it was the best yet. Stephen went above and beyond what I imagined.
The day started with the boys waking me up with some hugs and kisses. I got homemade cards, a mug from my favorite bookstore in downtown Asheville and a new pair of Toms (yay!)
After presents were opened, we had pancakes for breakfast and lounged around for a bit.
We went to church, had lunch in Asheville and walked around for a few hours while both boys napped in the stroller. (I don't know what I would do without my double stroller!)
After coming back home, Stephen told me that he had one more surprise for me. Apparently he had been waiting for it to come in his email all morning.
   A couple of weeks ago, I had gone out to dinner with a friend. While I was out of the house, Stephen had his friend come take picture of the boys. I had no idea! The email containing the link to the pictures had finally come and I could see the pictures that were taken.
Amazing. Lauren Rosenau made magic. She made my two silly children look absolutely precious.

I hope that your mother's day was as amazing as mine.

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