best deals in town

It is no secret that I am pretty much always looking for an amazing deal (especially when it comes to stuff for thing one and thing two). Some of my favorite steals deals have turned out being stuff that I was definitely not even looking for.
There is a fabric store about a mile down the road that I like to visit once in a while, and on occasion will wander through their adjoining decorator's weight fabric. About 2 months ago they had a table up of some pretty things that were marked down to $3 a yard.... You can imagine my amazement when I found some beautiful things waiting for me. I snatched them up. For around 15 dollars I made my way home with some lovelies.

Fast forward to this morning when I saw this post and recognized the window seat fabric. Yup. Then I got curios and did a little googling (it's a word!) This is what I found. Basically I scored the fabric deal of a lifetime. I love little happy surprises....

In case you were wondering, I plan on saving the fabric for the next house and using it in the boys' room.

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