and.... more rain

Weeks like this one make me step back and really thank God that I have an amazingly supportive husband.
For the most part I handle the boys with no real issues. But when we've had several draining days in a row, one huge failed project, the garage door breaks, both kids end up in our bed.... EVERY night....
(you get the point)... things just get so exhausting so much quicker than normal.

So, I wanted to step back and thank my amazing husband for letting me have a girl date, going shopping with me, bathing both kids, working soooo very hard so that I can actually be home with these very complicated fellas and loving us as much as he does.

Steve, you're the best. I love you.

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christalena said...

Oh the rain! It's been terrible. Plus I'm just so tired I don't want to do anything. My poor kids are bored out of their minds. Once it heats back up and everything dries out we'll be able to go out back and play. Hoping this happens really soon! Either that or this baby comes to give us all something else to put our energy (ha, all my energy) into.