get your knee pads

   There are very few times when I am at home with all three boys that I actually get some time to myself. Most of those times involve a locked door, a bathtub full of steaming hot water, a magazine and something hot to drink. Last night, however, I found myself treasuring the hour I spent on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. Laugh if you want, but don't knock it until you have tried it. Few things in life are as good for the soul as taking out everything on the gross tile covered kitchen. It's like free therapy and you get a squeaky clean floor as a bonus.

   For the 60 minutes that I was scrubbing away that days lunch of bananas and dinner of veggie stew, I could think about anything I wanted. I had zero guilt because I was actually doing something quite important and I felt so stinkin' good by the time I was done that I was actually tempted to tackle the living room as well. (I didn't)

  My small piece of advice for the day: give yourself a good hour and scrub a floor on your hands and knees. You will thank me later when all of your stress and negative thoughts have worked their way right out with all of the grime.
*Mrs. Meyers all purpose cleaner is amazing and definitely worth the extra dough if you're going to be up close and personal with your bucket of cleaner for that long. My favorite is the lemon verbena

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