lovely wednesday

 We spent some time outside this afternoon while baby slept.
Harry ran around and I wandered through the yard, read a book, journaled and talked to Emily. While wandering, I found this pot nestled up next to the house... the tiny tomatoes are probably not going to make it, but I am going to attempt to save them.

 This is my latest project... I only just finished it the other day (not that it was very time consuming... but when time to work on something of my own is a luxury....Things tend to get put aside)
The pattern is from Sublime Stitching... I just added the "sew". I hope that it will remind me to take the time to do something just for me...

I looked down long enough to see my bare big toes looking back at me... obviously these shoes are not going to be kind to me during the winter months... Ah, TOMS, I love you! Why did you have to die so quickly?!

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