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Here are some of the pictures from our lovely week and weekend!
Stephen had Thursday off and took off Friday to spend with us. We played in the yard. Harry helped his daddy do some lawn work while I worked on getting some things in the house put together. It is starting to feel more like home (more on that later).
We spent the majority of Friday in downtown eating yummy chocolate from Chocolate Fetish, wandering around cute little shops and side streets. I got my hair cut (FINALLY). We had some AMAZING shrimp at a cute little pub but I can't remember the name of it now!
The day ended playing around in a tiny little city park listening to a drum circle and watching high schoolers with a hacky sack. (Harry liked it...)

Saturday and Sunday were so nice and low key! Stephen went to the Appalachian State game, while the boys and I went looking for a pull out couch (our future guest accommodations). We didn't find one... oh well.
By the time Stephen got home we were all pretty beat.
Sunday we went to Asheville again to visit a church. We were super surprised to see some friends from some time ago sitting across the aisle. They were visiting some other friends that weekend and had no idea we had moved...
small world.

It was such a nice weekend. We are all relaxed and rested and ready to tackle a new week of cleaning, laundry, work, projects, playing super hard and naps.

How did you spend your weekend?

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Mel said...

Love the pics! Westly is huge! Asheville is so awesome, I am glad you are adjusting and having fun up there. And why is it so hard to just get a hair cut with young kids? I finally just got mine cut last week too :)