a week in thrifting...

This week was an AMAZING week for thrifting. I got some cute stuff for an awesome deal... so I thought I would share.
I got  TWO hand embroidered runners for the ridiculous price of $.75. That's right. i paid 75 cents for these suckers. Love! The birdies were way too cute to pass up for $.50 a piece. I got another couple of embroidery hoops.. who knows when I'll need them, right? And finally, the cute topiary was my splurge. $5.00. I know... ouch. But it was really cute and I think that it is just what the living room needs.
 So for all of $7.50, I came home with my arms full of some awesomeness. My husband laughs at me and calls them my "treasures". I am just fine with that. He just doesn't understand.

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