no place like home

     We have gotten really good at hanging out at home during the day. The boys have really started playing well together, I am actually getting things accomplished, dinners are actually cooked as opposed to picked up, and my to do list is more than just "survive".

     There are still so many little things that can (and often do) put a little cramp in our day- biting, potty accidents, things breaking, and toddlers telling me "no way"- that when we have a great day, it really makes everything else seem unimportant.

     We have had a couple really good days this week, and it's pretty much got me excited to actually create and accomplish more than just housework. I am currently putting together a to-do list of things to get ready before the baby comes (just 21 more weeks). I am hoping that some sewing and painting will actually find a way onto my done list... but I will take almost whatever I can get.

     I think that seeing this little one and knowing what our slightly less little family is going to look like in a short time is changing my mood, outlook, and overall emotional state. I am really getting so excited about another baby being in our home and our lives.

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