a week away

stephen was out of town this week on a work trip.

it was really hard to deal with being the only parent for a while. it made me incredibly grateful that i am not a single parent. i now have even more respect for my mom who did it for years...
this week completely wore me out... but it wasn't all bad. i really liked having about an hour in bed with both boys in the mornings. harry would watch some nick jr. while westley nursed. i got some great snuggle time with the boys before the day had a chance to become hectic.
i also acquired some things to help with day-to-day life:

1. a phil&teds stroller

i have been looking for something that was much easier to handle with both kids and a dog. one day it magically appeared on craiglist for an awesome deal. i had to snatch it up.

the picture is terrible because it was taken with my phone....

2. an ergo carrier. i have seriously wanted one of these since harry was a babe... but they are pricey and i had a sling that got the job done. recently, however, i realized that using a sling is next to impossible when your baby is bigger than most elephant babies.
therefore, i searched until i found one for a reasonable price and hit the "buy it now" button as fast as my little fingers would move.

3. more diapers.
i was really blessed by my brother and his wife when west was born with some new fuzzibunz one size. they are amazing and i can use them for either kid. they are lined with fleece too, so harry's nasty #2s are less nasty. BUT, two boys go through a LOT of diapers. i was doing a load each and every day. that was way too much laundry for me.
so, i bought some bum genius 4.0s. i have a couple of 3.0s already and like them, but want to see what the big deal with the "new and improved" is. i have only gotten one in (i ordered from 2 different sites) so haven't really gotten a chance to pay attention to the differences (if there really are any).

but there you have it... we obviously survived the week. i picked up some new treasures. and tomorrow stephen will be in a tattoo parlor for the majority of the day. hopefully with a story or two to boot. soooo, here is to an evening snuggling on the couch with my man while two very cute boys sleep peacefully IN THEIR OWN BEDS.