- Sleep is but a mere memory.
-I don't think I have cooked a real meal in about a month.
- My almost two-year-old is taking a three hour nap! Praise the Lord!
- I am trying to decide what to wear for our updated family pictures that should be happening sometime next week.
- My dependency on caffeine has only grown since pregnancy has ended.
- I continue to look at houses online despite the fact that we have put a hold on house hunting for a month or two.
- We missed garbage day this week, so there are several trash bags just hanging out in the garage. Ugh. That got old fast.
- I have gone on strike from listening to toddler music and reclaimed my itunes. Grown up music is all that I am allowing in the house for the time being no matter how many times I hear "I want to hear yo gabba gabba songs!!!"

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