February 10th it happened.  Stephen was in Greensboro for work, and I was home with the two little ones watching some ridiculous cartoon. Then phone rang, and my heart went crazy. That day a newborn girl was being taken into foster care, and they wanted to know if we were open to that placement. I cannot even explain the excitement, fear, joy, and every other emotion went in and out of my head and heart that moment. Of course, we would take her! OF course!
She would be brought to our home in just a few hours, and that made things real. I called my husband, and just stated the fact that she was coming. There was really no need to discuss it. He knew what I was thinking, feeling, needing in that moment.
There was so much that needed to be done still, though. I needed clothes, a car seat, bottles.... almost everything that a baby needs. But God was in it. An amazing friend came to my house and watched my littles while I ran all over town trying to find newborn clothes and a car seat. She fed my children. She rejoiced with me even in the chaos.
I had Stephen's mother pick up the older boys from school. I wanted to make sure that I was the one at my house when the baby was brought home.
And a meager 5 hours after the phone first rang, I saw baby Grace. Of course, Grace is not her real name. She actually didn't have one at that point. But to me she was Grace, because of the amazing grace God had on me in those moments.
You see, I was open to any child who needed a home coming to live with us, but my heart cried out for a girl. I prayed over and over again, and gave my wants and feelings to God and prayed that His will be done. But if God wanted to know what I thought, I let him know. I told him my heart was for a baby girl, even straight from the hospital. I prayed she would be healthy. I prayed so hard.
And here she was. This tiny, beautiful bundle of God's sweet, amazing grace towards me wrapped in my arms. If I had never felt the love of the father before that moment, I would have felt it then. But because I know his love, I recognized it right away. I have a good, good father.
The next few days were crazy and chaotic and beautiful. I asked in anyone close by had girl things they no longer needed, and within a few days I had more clothes, blankets, and girl things that this sweet child could ever use. God was there, meeting all of our needs.
The only thing that I really lacked was a swing big enough to protect her from the overly grabby two year old. I looked around, and thought about buying a new one, but didn't. Then one day at community group, I casually mentioned that I would love to have a large swing that was safely off of the ground. A new couple that had never been to our group before that day mentioned they had one that they could no longer use. Within a couple days, a swing was in my living room.
Every single detail in this process has the fingerprints of my God all over it and I am in awe.
And now, there is a beautiful, baby girl calling for me with the sweetest cries.

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