has it really been 8 months????

i have been slowly but surely getting little bits of life together in preparation for this little man's arrival. i am actually really proud of the progress. the guest room has been completely dismantled. the bed is gone, the dresser has been moved into harry's room, a very large quantity of "stuff" has made it's way to various donation centers, and i am starting to see the possibility that room holds as a room for a tiny guy instead of a room for various guests or a junk collection room.

we have also done a bit of work to make harry's room as comfy as possible for him to make life just a bit easier. we bought a new mattress and comforter set (on target.com) to complete the "big boy bed"...

(notice his sleeping buddies never leave)

i am personally in love with it.... now if only stephen would let me order the sheets and rug to match...

stephen spent last weekend making a shelf for all of his toys and random stuff, we are just waiting on a good day to prime and paint it. (hopefully this weekend, fingers crossed)

also,i have been searching for weeks for the perfect rocking chair for the nursery... to no avail. well, that's not completely true. i have found a ton that i like, but nothing that fits into the budget. can i help it that i have really good (read expensive) taste????
yesterday, the clouds opened for a second and i found this beauty on craigslist.
i emailed the woman as soon as i saw it and prayed that somehow i could get my dream rocker!ug. someone else had already asked for it.... the search continues.

and finally, we have a name:

this little guy is no longer "kid" or "belly monster"...
Westley John will be here sometime this spring. (let's hope for earlier rather than later though... or belly monster might just have to become a permanent nickname....)

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