can you guess...

what this week's focus is on at our house?

my mental recipe box is lacking. the boys and i made a little trip to the library. the picture is of just a few of the books that looked helpful. i will be sure to make notes on which i found truly helpful, and which were simply a lot of nonsense with a pretty cover.

with West on the verge of eating solids, and Harry being the picky boy that he is, i am making it my main focus to find hearty, healthy, colorful meals to entice my three guys into eating all the wonderful goodness that i will be slaving over. fall and winter hold a lot of days at home, and i hope to use that to my advantage. baking and cooking have never quite been my cup o' tea.... but it is never too late to give it a go, right?

so, here is to: hot soup, fresh baked breads, homemade desserts, lots of fresh veggies and maybe a roast or two.

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Mel said...

ooo fun! I can't wait to hear what you come up with!