Caution: this post might make you extremely hungry.

Last week's cooking experiments were interesting to say the least. They were also delicious. I started with a Real Simple cookbook. It seemed a simple enough place to start... (at least the name made me think it would be)
I found a few recipes that looked delicious and I was not disappointed. First I tried the pierogis with cabbage and apples. Yum!
We like pierogis at our house, and I have always lacked good ideas for side items to pair with them. This recipe was a perfect combination for the rather plain taste of the store bought pierogis. Stephen even gave it his approval.

Then we attempted the chicken and bok choy stir fry, another excellent dish. I had never used bok choy in any of my cooking. However, it was simple enough... and I MIGHT have had a second and third helping. (don't judge me)

I was slightly disappointed by the lack of leftovers, but that might actually be a good thing. I was really impressed by these two recipes and will probably be trying out one or two more in the weeks to come.

*all pictures form the Real simple website

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