i don't do windows (most of the time)

with the nesting urge comes the following:
1.vacuuming at all hours
2. feeling the need to wash and rewash any and all baby things
3. cleaning out all of the tiny nooks and cranies in the fridge
4. scrubbing baseboards like they have never been scrubbed before
5. and today.... it meant washing windows

in order to fully appreciate what this last item entailed, you must understand that i live in a 50 year old house that has 50 year old windows. this in and of itself makes for some serious nastiness.
add to that nasty 3 years without a good cleaning, one very long and dirty winter, and a very brave family of wasps...
and you get the windows that take up two walls of my second child's soon-to-be living quarters.

needless to say....

that leaves one very pregnant woman feeling something like this.... UG.

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