is it time yet?

The past few weeks have been a combination of scurrying around trying to get everything ready for the newest Gwaltney and sleeping like I have just run a marathon.
Harry has been a sport and is perfectly happy watching his Nick Jr. dvds that Blockbuster is all too happy to let us borrow (for a small fee, of course). He is starting to really understand how to do a lot of things on his own without me having to tell him 1000 times. Granted, he still doesn't always do everything I ask... he just knows what I am asking.

Stephen has been super helpful. He has basically spent the entire weekend taking care of Harry so that I can get rest. If I don't feel like cooking, he is happy to let us all pile into the truck and find something that might suit my fancy. I'm not sure if I am completely ready for the next big thing, but at least I know that Stephen will do everything he can to make the transition easier on me... He's amazing.

I did actually manage to get the nursery together enough to take a picture or two...

Stephen actually made the yellow shelf (he also made one exactly like it for Harry's room)....
I really like how much I can put on it. It's barrenness is just a reminder that I don't have EVERYTHING together yet... but I'm OK with that.

This week is going to be another long one. Work hours seem to have gotten a lot longer for the mister, and thus my work hours are just as long... although it just doesn't seem the same.


E and A Rodriguez said...

Truly~ the room looks great! I love the colors- gray, why is that my favorite? :) Stephen great job on the shelves.

Beccalynn said...

Beautiful nursery! I LOVE the colors!