one week

It is crazy that just 6 days ago I had a baby.

The past few days have gone by SO quickly.... and yet, I haven't once gotten overwhelmed.

Scratch that. Today in Target I got overwhelmed... but I blame that on my poor timing. I took a tired two-year-old and expected him to remain calm and happy the whole time we were there.

However, in spite of the one meltdown that we have had, the past week has been lovely.

Stephen and I just look at each other at the end of the day and can't believe how easy the transition has been... (watch everything change now....)

I love having my two little guys at home together. It just seems right. Harry loves his little brother and is constantly saying "Hi, baby" or "Baby, where are you?"

It's really sweet.

Today my mother took over Stephen's role of "helper" and hung out with us. Westley had his 1 week appointment and is gaining weight like a champ. 8 ounces in 4 days seems pretty good to me. He is almost at his birth weight and isn't even a week old.

As for recovery, I am not sure how I feel. Tired? Yes. Some pain. Yes. Like I just had a baby? No.

So, for now, life is beautiful. I fully plan on not taking any of this for granted.

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